• Hydrogen

Range of parts

We build systems for the production and quality assurance of fuel cells and electrolyzers.
The varying dimensions and materials pose a unique challenge in this regard.
A wide range of customer requirements are met through the selection of appropriate testing procedures or manufacturing technologies.

Leak testing Leak Log Hy-4

Test methods:

  • Standard pressure drop test (accuracy 1x10-3 mbar l/s)
    > Cost-efficient
  • MAFU patented pressure increase test (accuracy 1x10-5 mbar l/s)
    > Independent of testing pressure
  • Standard Helium leak test (accuracy 1x10-9 mbar l/s)
    > High operating costs

This test methods are feasible in different degree of automation
(from manual operation to fully automatic industry 4.0 system)

Stacking technology


Clocked stacking for fuel cells and electrolyzers

  • Stacking with robot
    >  Accuracy < 50μm
  • Machinery for product development

Continuous stacking for fuel cells

  • Stacking with MAFU helix-feeder
    > Stacking speed ~1 Hz
  • Machinery for serial production