M-Drive Cluster Tool

Moving substrates in vacuum without a robot

Without exaggeration, our M-Drive can be described as a revolution in vacuum handling. It transports wafers and other materials contact-free and without friction in small and large vacuum chambers. Neither feedthroughs nor bearings, greases or classic drive elements are used.
You will have no particles or leaks inside your chamber. The M-Drive shows its special strengths especially in vacuum, where no airflow can ensure cleanliness.
The basis of the system is a planar motor, which lifts and moves the carriages in vacuum by magnetism. Compared to a Scara robot, the system has an enormous flexibility. Where a robot only has a very limited working area, the M-Drive impresses with its arbitrary travel paths. Our M-Drive is the 2-dimensional extension of linear systems for vacuum transfer and thus sets standards in vacuum automation.

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expansion functions

MAFU elevators with integrated controller overcome height differences of up to 200mm or lift customer specific cassettes.

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The E-Drive 400 linear axis was developed for connecting classic Load Locks or process chambers to our M-Drive. It can also be used well for general loading and unloading tasks

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So far moving sensors inside a vacuum chamber have been a challenge. But with modern low power CPUs  and wireless data transmission the problem is solved.

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