Vacuum robot

With our vacuum SCARA robot you can move even heavy substrates and unusual shapes safely in high vacuum into your process or metrology application. The contamination of the vacuum is hereby reduced to a minimum. Numerous interfaces and a standardized interface make integration easy. You can program the robot individually as well as teach and operate it in pick and place mode.

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Technical data

Vacuum Level 1x10e-7 mbar
Leak rate 1x10e-9 mbar l/s
Payload 10 kg
Reach 900 mm
Z-stroke 50 mm
Interface Ethernet
Supply 100 - 240 V


expansion functions

We offer aligners for every substrate shape. They work in both atmosphere and vacuum. Our aligners are equipped with a precise sensor system to detect any features such as notch, flat, edges or corners

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MAFU Robotics offers a comprehensive solution for material handling in special environments. Our high-vacuum-handling-systems prove themselves also in clean rooms.

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Vacuum load locks for individual substrates and cassettes guarantee flexible material infeed 

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