MAFU Robotics GmbH

MAFU Robotics GmbH is a member of the MAFU group and is active in the fields of vacuum handling. But also ulta-clean-handling under clean room conditions is part of our portfolio. The company can benefit from the many years of experience of its sister companies.

We take care of your automation tasks in the field of semiconductor manufacturing, MEMS production, analytics and metrology. We enjoy your challenges, if you have special cleanliness requirements or your material has to be transported and provided in special environments such as vacuum or inert gas. Our wide experience in material handling in cleanroom environment, high vacuum (HV) aa well as in ultra high vacuum UHV) will be beneficial for you. We accompany you from concept to acceptance and the start of production and do not leave you alone during operation either.
We are covering all areas. To handle all sizes of wafers into CVD, PVD or etching processes is for us a common task to solve. We have already handled wafers and reticles into EUV processes. Mechanics, mechatronics, electrics and software units are widely available as finished components of a constantly growing modular system. However, we are also prepared to adapt each of these component trades according to your needs. This ranges from material-specific grippers to aligning any substrate, individual pumping station control and software integration into your MES environment. This is often called industry 4.0, which is already standard for us.

For us, Quality means aligning our products and services with the needs, requirements and expectations of our customers and striving to increase customer satisfaction. We want to achieve this by constantly improving our products and services. The training in our company forms a central cornerstone.