Our quality promise

MAFU Automation has designated quality as an important component of the company's long-term success, and therefore a fundamental aim in all divisions of the company.

Our aim is to provide the customer with high-quality products and services that are both state-of-the-art and suitable for their intended purpose. The resulting contractual requirements of technical, commercial and deadline agreements should be met to our customers' satisfaction. We want to meet our customers' expectations and, if possible, exceed them. Delivering and increasing customer satisfaction should, above all, be the result of our constant aim for sustained improvement.

The management see it as their job to encourage all staff to be aware of both quality and their own responsibilities, to regulate responsibilities and procedures for all activities, and to monitor their effectiveness. Achieving and maintaining the desired quality of our products and services at optimum cost is a commercial necessity for our company. Our aim is to do this by making use of the best possible technological, material, organisational and human resources available to us.

Social matters that are reflected in laws, regulations, ordinances and safety factors are respected and applied within our company. We guarantee that customers' property (including intellectual property) will be treated in confidence.